Work Ability

Jackson Disability

How Your Ability to Work Affects Your Claim

Claimants filing for disability in Jackson or other surrounding towns in the metropolitan area of Memphis or in West Tennessee, are rarely folks wanting to simply rake in the benefits. They are truly disabled and in many cases have been for quite some time. Of course there are always people who want to defraud a decent system for a fast buck. We do not represent those people. For the most part, the vast majority of claimants are people who have genuine disabilities and who desperately need financial assistance.

Social Security is set up so that you have to show quite a bit of evidence to obtain these benefits. The wait time is often extremely long. As Jackson Social Security disability attorneys, we understand at Byrd & Byrd that this can put applicants in a ridiculous set of circumstances:

  • You are not well enough to be working.
  • You have been found disabled by your treating physician.
  • You are waiting for your application to get processed by the Social Security Administration.
  • You are running out of money fast, or you already have.
  • You are worried that if you work a few hours just to scrape by, your application will be denied, but your health is affected further by poverty and stress.
  • You have a family who depends upon you.
  • You have worked hard all of your life.

This is a vicious cycle, and our attorneys want to help you end it by successfully representing you in your disability claim.

Protecting Your Disability Claim in Jackson

There are extremely limited situations in which you may work and still be considered eligible for Social Security assistance:

  • You have received disability in the past.
  • The work you perform is compensated at a very, very low amount.

Even in those circumstances, your claim becomes much more complicated than it was before you began gainful employment. For more information on disability, please read the following:

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