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Understanding Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income Programs

At Byrd and Byrd, our disability attorneys in Memphis want you to understand what Social Security programs are all about. Many people find the process and the programs to be exceptionally confusing. We can understand why, because we know the ins and outs of Social Security and because we know how complicated it is.

If you are disabled or believe you are otherwise eligible for Social Security income in Memphis, the surrounding metropolitan area or in West Tennessee, contact our office for help learning about the programs available to you and how we can help you secure your benefits.

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income

The two types of Social Security programs you can access are Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

Social Security disability insurance is paid to individuals who have worked in recent years—usually, at least 5 out of the last 10. If you have not been in the workforce that recently, you may be subject to different standards.

Supplemental Security Income is a monthly benefit paid by the Social Security Administration to people with limited income and resources who are disabled, blind or age 65 and older. Blind or disabled children, as well as adults, can get SSI benefits.

  • SSI benefits are not based on your prior work or family’s work history.
  • SSI is financed by the US Treasury.
  • SSI beneficiaries are eligible for other assistance programs, like food stamps and medical help.

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