Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability in Jackson & Memphis

Understand Social Security Work Incentives in Tennessee

Working when you are disabled is tough and in many circumstances, it is downright impossible. That is why so many people apply for Social Security disability insurance or supplemental security income. You know that, no matter what you do, you are not able to work at the job you used to have and you are not able to perform another job.

In some instances, though, the financial situation is becoming unbearable. You are out of options from all angles and you need to get some money in the door. Social Security work incentives are designed to accommodate this situation for you. You should know that when you are claiming disability and still trying to work, you may complicate your case quite a bit, but the right to work and claim benefits does exist.

Please contact our offices to speak with a disability attorney in Jackson or the metro Memphis area about how work incentives may impact your application.

Disability Law in Memphis May Let You Work

The rules that allow you to maintain some sort of employment in Tennessee and still receive Medicare, Medicaid or other benefits are extremely complicated. Following them exactly is imperative to the success of your claim.

At Byrd and Byrd, we recommend that, should you choose to take advantage of work incentives, you can contact our offices to discuss what kind of work you would like to undertake at what level of pay, so that we may advise you as to how this work may affect the types of evidence we need to show for your disability in Memphis or West Tennessee.

Work-incentive rules can impact your case in a multitude of ways:

  • Subsidies and special conditions
  • Un-incurred business expenses
  • Trial work periods
  • Extended periods of eligibility
  • Many others

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