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What Disabilities Are Covered by Social Security Disability Insurance?

Our law firm is here to help you secure social security benefits in Jackson, Memphis, or other parts of West Tennessee. We know how much you need to have the peace of mind that Social Security disability insurance benefits can bring when you can no longer work to support yourself or your family because of a problem with your health and wellness.

Unfortunately, many Social Security Disability Insurance claims are denied by Social Security. We work to provide evidence of eligible disability by developing your claim, so that you can concentrate on taking care of yourself.

As disability attorneys in Jackson, we also want to help you understand what the process is like when you file a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance in Tennessee, and part of understanding the process entails understanding what Social Security considers to be disabled.

Eligibility for Disability Benefits

Disability, as defined by Social Security, is based upon your inability to work. Social Security will consider you disabled if you meet certain criteria. The Jackson disability attorneys at Byrd & Byrd use those criteria to help you build a case based on facts and evidence, so that you have a strong chance to receive a favorable decision on your claim.

You may be considered disabled if certain or other statements about your medical and work history and present situation are true:

  • You cannot perform the work that you did before.
  • You cannot adjust to other types of work because of your medical condition.
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last more than a year.
  • Your disability is expected to result in death.

As Jackson disability lawyers, we can help you compile and submit the evidence from your medical records and treating physicians that may prove to Social Security that you are disabled under the standards of eligibility for benefits.

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