Applying for Benefits

Memphis Social Security Disability Attorneys

Applying for Social Security or SSI Benefits

When you need to file for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income in Tennessee, the process itself is not normally very difficult.

Many times, people need the assistance of an Social Security disability attorney in Memphis, because their application is rejected by the local Social Security office or because they need help with the evidentiary requirements of the application or a request for reconsideration after an unfavorable decision, but beginning the filing process is relatively simple.

Just be ready to wait a few months at least. Your Memphis Social Security disability attorney can help expedite things by making sure you don’t make mistakes that waste time, but the administrative process can be very slow.

Social Security Disability in Memphis

To start, call the local Social Security Office in Tennessee and state that you want to apply for SSDI or SSI benefits. You have a few other options, too, though, and whichever one you prefer is fine:

  • File for disability online
  • Call the office and set up an appointment to apply
  • Walk into the Social Security office without an appointment to apply

Keep in mind that if you do walk into the office, you may simply be given an appointment to return later. Calling ahead may be a wiser option for you, so as not to waste time.

If you need assistance filing the paperwork for SSDI or SSI benefits, a Memphis Social Security disability atttorney can explain more about the process and what to expect during the application process. Call (731) 424-7188, toll free at (888) 793-3328 or email us for assistance.