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Things You Just Should Not Say to the Police

You grow up trusting the police. You learn about how they protect and serve, how they risk their own safety and the comfort of their families in order to help keep you safe.

This is all true, but what you didn’t know back then is that once the police decide you might be a bad guy, they have full authority to do just about whatever it takes to get you in serious trouble.

At Byrd and Byrd, criminal law attorneys in Jackson, Memphis, and the surrounding areas of West Tennessee, we know all about how the police act when they’re on a case. There are certain things you just don’t need to say when you are approached or detained.

If the Police Detain You, You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jackson

Do not submit to questioning alone. If the police want to talk to you, you want to have a lawyer present. If you fail to follow this recommendation, you may find yourself in a sticky situation—especially if you say anything you don’t need to say:

  • DON’T talk about yourself unless absolutely necessary. You may feel comfortable saying you saw a car crash. You do not need to mention that you were loitering on a street corner waiting for someone.
  • DON’T show anger or disapproval. There is no reason to tell the police you aren’t talking to them because you mistrust them. Just don’t talk—that makes your point much more effectively than getting political.
  • DON’T talk about priors. If you’ve paid your debt to society—or if you are doing so now, on probation or parole—it’s your business. If the police ask, politely say you don’t think it’s relevant.
  • DON’T speculate. You assume a gunfight was over gambling money. You bet that drunk driver had more than a few beers. If you do not know something for sure, keep your mouth shut – unless you want to talk about how you “might” know these things.

In the end, the police probably just want to do their job, but part of their job is assessing whether people are breaking the law. The more you talk, the more you give them the chance to find a law you may have broken, too.

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